Our Children’s karate classes are about living and learning values such as courtesy, respect and discipline. At the same time, it trains the body, reduces aggression and satisfies the children’s need to move. We consider ourselves a large community that provides your child with the support he or she needs to master life. The most important thing, however, is that through all these components, your child’s personality is trained so that he no longer wants to hide, but discovers the world with a new zest for life.

Our children’s karate training is built on three pillars, which should guarantee your child the best possible education:

  • Playful teaching of movements and principles of traditional karate.
  • Motivation of the children by the trainer to grow beyond themselves. Teaching of values such as respect and courtesy towards the trainer, but also among the children themselves.
  • Strengthening the cohesion in the group.

Feedback of a mother:

Here values, norms and respect are taught, which is important to us! My son enjoys it very much, he learns to use his strength sensibly and becomes more confident in dangerous situations and can defend himself in an emergency… you are a young, fresh, dynami and very friendly team.