The focus of the traditional martial arts style, I teach is on self-defense, personal growth and self-improvement. I am dedicated to preserving the ancient Kempo Karate system from Okinawa in its original form, but also to using the full potential of the ancient martial arts system to offer a solution to the problems of modern society.

Today, karate has evolved into a competitive sport where form goes over function. Everything has been standardized and disarmed for sporting purposes. That’s fine, as long as you use martial arts for fitness and health improvement only. But real karate is a highly effective self-defense system that is, unfortunately rarely taught its true form these days. Aside from the physical techniques, spirituality is also a big part of what I teach. I have the master degree in Reiki and experience in other energy teachings such as Qi Kung and Tai Chi.

We see ourselves as a great community without envy or resentment. All of us have their individual strengths and weaknesses. In class, I focus on your strengths and assist you in unleashing your full potential. I don’t appreciate teaching everyone in the same manner, which is done so in modern Karate styles like Shotokan. All of us are individuals and therefore need to be taught in a special way. That’s what makes us unique, and that’s the way it should be. Let’s do the best we can together!

As a master student of Soke Heinz Köhnen, I am licensed to teach his Kempo Karate system “Tamashii-Ryu”. Tamashii-Ryu means “personal soul system”, it is mainly based on the ancient martial art “Goshinryu-Kempo”. Goshinryu-Kempo is a compact, ancient family system from Okinawa. It forms the base of many modern martial arts styles. Throws and joint-locks as well as chokes and grappling-techniques are fix parts of Goshinryu Kempo. They’re effective and serve the purpose of self-defense. Apart from these techniques, I also teach soft-style techniques known from Aikido or Aikijutsu nowadays. The power and energy of the attacker is used in these techniques. Soft style techniques also teach elegant, smooth movements, mobilization and activation of the inner forces (jap. Ki, chin. Chi).

Heinz Köhnen has further adapted the already highly effective self-defense system. He has integrated components of the modern Shotokan Karate system as well as things from different Kung-Fu styles, other Kempo styles and practical experiences from the security field into the already effective system. Thus the system was adapted to modern requirements.

Class components

Warm-Up: Fitness, Power, Stamina, Stretching, Hardening

Basics:  Kata (Forms), basic techniques done in 2 to 8 directions

Self-Defense: Effective adaptation of Kata techniques for real combat self-defense (works fine for women’s self-defense)

Energy work: Application of energy techniques for self-defense. Kyu-Sho points, Atemi points. Reading of aura and understanding the meridian points on the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture. Reiki.